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Jan 1

Invisalign: A Metal-Free Alternative to Braces!

NOW YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SMILE ABOUT Has the look and feel of traditional metal braces been holding you back from making your smile the best it can be? Now with Invisalign there should not be anything stopping you! Invisalign is the “clear” BPA and metal free alternative to traditional braces. Get The Confidence of a Great Smile with Invisalign Invisalign is effective in treating  moderate to severe conditions of malocclusion.  Invisalign is a comfortable, metal-free alternative to braces.  Another great aspect of Invisalign is that the brace  aligners are removable!  This allows patients to brush and floss normally to preserve their oral hygiene.  The average treatment time for Invisalign patients is 1 year, with check-up visits to Dr. Aver […]