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Dec 14

Caring for your mouth after a tooth extraction

Control bleeding To help control bleeding bite firmly on the gauze placed by your dentist. The pressure helps to form a blood clot in the tooth socket. Change If you have a lot of bleeding, bite on a regular tea bag. Bite on the gauze or a cold wet tea bag (lipton) until the bleeding stops. Slight oozing of blood is normal within the first 24-48 hours after the extraction. Reduce swelling To reduce swelling after the extraction, place ice pack (frozen pea/corn bag works well too) of the side where extraction was on/off 10 minutes at the time. Get enough rest Limit activities for the first 24 hrs after the […]
Dec 14

Orthotropic/Orthodontic treatment

Orthotropic/Orthodontic treatment remains an elective procedure. It, like other treatments of the body, has some inherent risks and limitations. These seldom prevent treatment, but should be considered in making the decision to undergo treatment. Predictable factors that can affect the outcome of orthodontic/orthotropic treatment: COOPERATION: in the vast majority of orthotropic cases, significant improvement can be achieved with patient cooperation. You must wear your appliance as often as you have been instructed, otherwise the outcome of your treatment will be very hard to predict and will be delayed. CARING FOR TEETH AND APPLIANCES: poor brushing increases the risk of decay while wearing your appliance. If your appliance must be worn during night, you must keep […]