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Pediatric Orthotropics


What Parents Need to Know

Orthotropics is a Holistic Approach to Othrodontics That Goes  Beyond Straightening Teeth.

Orthodontics focuses on aligning teeth using mechanical methods that move teeth into alignment through the use of braces and removable appliances. Extraction of teeth is a common approach to make room for crowded teeth. Orthodontics considers growth of the face to be relatively unchangeable.

Orthotropics is the natural approach to treating the causes and not the symptoms of Malocclusion. The orthotropics method aligns teeth through NATURAL GROWTH GUIDANCE, which is a preventative, corrective, non-extraction, and non-surgical method. As a result, facial growth guidance is a natural way to gain straighten teeth, a symmetrical face, and an ideal airway to treat mouth breathing and sleep apnea.

Dr. Aver was trained by the founding father of Orthotropics, Dr. John Mew, at the London School of Facial Orthotropics.  She follows the theory that malocclusion is a biological problem which should be treated naturally not by surgery.

Learn more about Orthotropics at: http://orthotropics.org/