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May 27


Surviving Teething
Most parents, if not all, will go through the dreaded days of their child teething. Sleepless nights, intense crying, and even a lower grade fever are common occurrences when a child’s baby (milk) teeth erupt. Not all children experience the same symptoms, and finding what helps for your child may be a struggle.  If you practice a holistic or a more natural approach to care, you may need a little guidance to find the best remedy that works for your child. As a homeopath and a Mother of three, Dr. Aver knows some tried and true homeopathic remedies to relieve the pain and discomfort your child may be experiencing.
First, […]

Apr 15

Oral Cancer A Leading Cancer Than No One Talks Much About

In the United States, this year alone, roughly 1 person every hour will die of oral cancer, and of those who are newly diagnosed, approximately 57%, will not be alive in 5 years*. These are alarming statistics. 
Oral cancer is not a cancer you hear a lot about, however it has higher death rates than many cancers you regularly hear about such as cervical or skin cancers. What is so frightening about oral cancer is that in its early stages it can go unnoticed since it is often painless and without any physical symptoms.
Today, the Human Papilloma Virus, specifically HPV16 has contributed to the increased rate of oral cancer. Lips are no longer the […]

Mar 13

Good Oral Health Is Not Just About a Radiant Smile, It’s About Overall Health

Periodontal (gum) disease is a real issue that affects approximately 75 percent of adults over age 30. The impact of periodontal disease is not limited to the mouth alone; it has an effect on the entire body.  Studies, like that in the Journal of Periodontology, suggest that there is a relationship between periodontal disease and cardiovascular (heart) disease.  However, periodontal disease is not limited to heart disease further research show links to diabetes and kidney disease further suggesting an association between oral and overall health.
In the case cardiovascular disease, the oral bacteria that contribute to periodontal disease can enter the bloodstream, causing inflammation in the blood vessels, which may increase […]

Jan 23


What is Homeopathy?
If you have never heard of Homeopathy, you may be asking yourself “What is it?”  Homeopathy is a system of medicine that has been used worldwide for more than 200 years. It is based on the principle that you can treat “like with like”. Meaning, a substance which causes symptoms when taken in large doses can be used in smaller amounts to treat the same symptoms. Homeopathy entails treating a patient with highly diluted substances with the goal of triggering the body’s natural healing process. Because homeopathic medicine is used in ultra high dilutions, it makes it non-toxic and safe.
Homeopathy is known to be very effective in dentistry. […]

Oct 16

Treating Periodontal Disease Safely and Without Surgery!

Dr. Aver is always looking for safe and less invasive ways to better heal her patients. After many months of research and trials, Dr. Aver is bringing soft laser therapy to her patients to treat periodontal disease.
Periodontal (gum) disease, which is an infection that is below the gum line, continues to be a national epidemic affecting between 75-80% of the adult population. Deep cleanings and in severe cases, surgery, along with antibiotics to kill bacteria has been the traditional dental treatment for periodontal disease. Today with the advancement of periodontal laser therapy we can confidently and effectively treat periodontal disease without surgery and antibiotics. Laser therapy promotes a faster healing […]

Aug 14

Snoring! Should You Be Concerned?

Is Snoring Affecting Your Health?
Snoring is no laughing matter, it is a real health concern that not only affects the quantity and quality of your sleep, but your overall health.  Most people are unaware they snore and may have been told only by a family member or partner that they do. Consistent snoring could be a sign of something more, like obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).  However, there is a significant difference between occasional snoring and persistent, heavy snoring (i.e. sleep apnea). People with sleep apnea have brief pauses in their breathing throughout the night. This is due to blockage in the airway. This interruption in sleep can last between 10 […]

Jul 16

Diet and Oral Health Go Hand and Hand

Balance your pH for a Healthy YOU!
Maintaining a balanced, healthy diet is important not only for oral health, but your overall health. Our cells need to be slightly alkaline to function properly. A diet consisting largely of acidic beverages and foods, such as soft drinks and processed foods, has a negative effect on the body’s pH level. When pH levels are not balanced, we are unable to process essential minerals and nutrients correctly. Bacteria, viruses, and disease thrive in an acidic environment. When the pH level of saliva becomes acidic, teeth begin to decay—a pH level of 5.5 is an ideal environment for harmful oral bacteria to thrive. However, an […]

Jun 3

Mercury Dental Fillings: Detoxing the Poison in your Mouth

Powerful Detoxing Agents!  
Mercury vapor is constantly being released from amalgam fillings. The vapor is inhaled, absorbed into the blood stream, and stored in the body.   Removing mercury fillings is important to stop the continuous exposure.  However, when amalgam fillings are either placed or removed they produce the highest levels of exposure to mercury, and this is why detoxing or chelating as part of the prep and post removal process is important.
Chelate is a detox that occurs by taking a combination of supplements that pull mercury out of the body and eliminate it. Before the amalgam removal it is important to prepare your body to handle the high level of mercury exposure that can occur.  In addition, […]

Apr 19

Are the Microorganisms Living in your Mouth the Source of your Illness?

A New Standard of Preventative Dental Care: Microscopic Plaque Analysis
Have you ever had your plaque evaluated by your dentist? If not, you should consider it. It is a quick, easy and painless assessment of oral bacteria with immediate feedback about the health of your mouth. The practice of evaluating oral bacteria is common in holistic or biological dentistry as a way to treat the source of periodontal disease that can affect the entire body.
Periodontal disease affects approximately 75 percent of adults over age 30, and is the leading cause of tooth loss. Gum disease begins with an accumulation of plaque — a sticky deposit of mucus, food particles and bacteria […]

Feb 1

Can a Tooth Be The Answer To Your Child’s Future Health?

Stem Cell Banking Today For A Healthy Tomorrow
What if your dentist said they could replace a lost tooth not with a traditional artificial cosmetic implant, but a biocompatible tooth grown from your own dental stem cells? Impossible, think again. It is the next generation of dentistry.
The phenomenon of stem cells is not new. Research continues to discover more about stem cells and their medical capabilities. In 2000 researchers identified the dental pulp in teeth to contain powerful stems cells. Dental pulp is a small mass of living connective tissue, blood vessels, nerves and stem cells located in the hallow space of the tooth. Dental researchers have found the tooth to […]