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Metal Free Crowns & Bridges

Crowns, also known as caps, are used to improve strength and restore the shape, size and color to a tooth. To avoid the possibility of metal toxicity and metal related health complications, Dr. Aver uses only porcelain and metal free crowns.

Crowns are used when:

Dental Bridges

dental bridge

Tooth loss impacts appearance as well as ones oral and overall health. Dental bridges restore critical function to a patient’s mouth by filling the gap of tooth loss. Bridges are necessary to alleviate stress on the jaw and maintain a patient’s facial structure and come in two forms, Onlay and Inlay.

Dr. Aver may use BPA free composite resin bridges when applicable, which are safe and affordable.

dental bridges

Strong Ceramic Option

Zirconia is the high strength all-ceramic. Zirconia has served as a biomaterial for over 30 years and is unlike traditional ceramics that tend to be brittle and prone to fracture. This metal free ceramic material is as strong and durable as metal, however is more costly than BPA free composite resin.